Penguin Plunge 2013

The Ice Shelf
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Cloudy skies and chilly seas greeted the 2013 Penguin Plunge participants. Four hundred and ninety-four (494) penguins braved the 52.4F degree water/54F degree air. This is the first year the Penguin Plunge participation has not doubled, with this year’s total about 200 less than last year’s. Thoughts on where the missing penguins might have been included: weather concerns or the flu epidemic. They may also have chosen to join the estimated 2000 spectators who cheered the penguins to the water. Once again, the Crystal Coast Hospice House was the beneficiary and received $7000 in charitable contributions from the penguins and the spectators.

10th Anniversary of Penguin Plunge!!
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Water Temp:  52.4 F/Air Temp:  54 F